Sunday, August 22, 2010

Digital Camera Play

I decided it was time I figure out what my digital camera can actually do. You know, all those gazillion of settings that always overwhelm a person. I took a hard look at the pictures I had been taking of my beads and crafts and realized that I could really improve on the quality. After reading a lot, and messing around with settings, I realized that I actually enjoy taking pictures. I practiced and I have to say that my camera is a lot more impressive than I thought it was. Sorry little camera, guess it was pilot error after all.

On another note: This week the kids will be starting school, which means I have 2 weeks until I start my last year of college. I think I will spend the next weeks organizing my craft areas. Take alook at my glass making area, what a mess. Messy areas make for a messy mind, right? I feel overwhelmed at the prospect of cleaning, but I think I can do it. Have a great week all, enjoy the quiet house while the kids are at school everyone!

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Cindy Gimbrone said...

Beautiful picture of the daylilly! Love the color! You workbench looks like mine! :-)

Thanks for following us at Art Bead Scene. Good luck organizing your studio!