Monday, August 23, 2010

How do you find your inspiration?

I thought I would share my little pink book with everyone today.  I am always looking for inspiration in the things around me, and sometimes that just doesn't seem to help.  So one day I started my little pink book.  I took a blank journal and some old magazines and started cutting out pictures that caught my eye.  Some pages I arranged by color, some by type (like flowers).  But, mostly I just splashed things on in random order.  Later I take my book and right down a few words in the blank spaces about what each picture makes my feel or think about.  Maybe even jot down some beading ideas in the margins.  Now I find that when the artistic magic just isn't flowing, I sit down and look over my little pink book and get my spark back.
Here you will see just a couple of the pages inside:

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