Monday, June 25, 2007


Lost it! The dang house is gone, gone, gone.... The ******* loan guys got things mixed up, down and sideways. First we can't use the one loan, cause it only covers 2 acres and we are getting 3. Then the second loan doesn't cover modular homes, they consider them down there with mobile homes and white trash. Then loan number 3 says screw you.... your credit isn't good enough for us. Jeeze Louise!!! Back to looking. Can you hear the clock ticking?? We are down to the wire, since MiL is foreclosing the one we're in. Can you feel the stress in the room. Thank God I don't drink, cause I would be passed out in a gutter some where. And the beat goes on....

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Now What?

Oh great, just when you think it's the home stretch... We get a call from the loan officer, and his guys just notice in the "fine print" that our loan only covers up to two acres. Well guess what? Our new place is three!! Dang! Dang! Dang! Now he is scrambling to get us set up with a different loan. Of course, it's a percent more in the costs. And now another mountain of paper work. Can somebody say STRESS!!!
Then there is the fact that we are out of boxes, after having loaned them out to several family members over the last year. Dumpster diving is out, most places are crushing and recycling, go green, yeah... So looks like we will have to shell out several hundred bucks to buy some.
OK, what's next? Anybody want to guess?