Saturday, March 31, 2012

I wanted to show a few more pages from my sketchbook, from this past week and today.
First is a window with window box, from ref. photo, pencil.
Wolf from ref. photo, pencil.

Road from book picture, oil pastels.

Fence from, pencil.

 57 Chevy from photo ref, pencil drawing.
Will post more pics tomorrow.  I am finishing up some pen/ink pics right now.
I thought I would start sharing what I have in my sketchbook each week.  The following are from the past week.  I often practice using reference photos from the internet or in magazines.  The first here is done in oil pastels.  I haven't used them much before so this will take a lot more trial and error.
 Barn from reference photo, pencil.
 Farm truck from reference photo, pencil.
 Chickadee bird from Birds and Blooms magazine, I also did a painting from this that is listed on my Etsy.  Pencil.
 Orange from ref. photo, pencil.
 Victorian house from ref. photo, pencil drawing.
I will be posting more sketches and drawings as I finish them each week.