Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Happenings

It's warming up here, fianlly! It's been around 80 degrees, yikes.
In new news: I have decided to finally go back to school for my associates degree in Business Marketing and Management.
See here's the thing. When I was just out of high school and in luuuuuvvvv with my first boyfriend, I was supposed to start college. My parents were even willing to send me to any school of my choice. But noooooo. I wouldn't be separated from my guy and decided to try the local junior college. I think I made it to 2 months, when I decided that it was just too much time away from him. Sigh! I dropped out, got a crap job and moved in with said guy. Long story short, we stayed together for nearly 4 years, when he dumped me for another gal. He married her (course she dumped him 6 months later, hehe, snort*) and I was on my own again. You know what they say about hindsite? Things worked out for me cause I met my hubby 6 months later and have been married nearly 17 years. But, I have always wanted to get back to school and finish what I started. So this fall I will officially be a college freshman at 39 years old. Wish my luck! I know I will take it seriously, but I am a little scared by big changes. I had to smile yesterday, when I realized that now I had to buy school supplies for my 2 girls and myself. smile*