Wednesday, August 1, 2007


We got it!!! We finally have our own home. We found a nice house on one full acre of land about 2 blocks from where Dh works. Don't ask my why we never tried that city. But we actually got it approved last week, and being a foreclosure, the bank was happy to get us in there quickly. They made several minor repairs we found and with everything in near mint condition now, we were even happier to have it. The bank did amazing work getting all the paper work zipped together and we were able to actually sign for the home on July 31st. My oldest daughter's birthday! I said guess what sweetie you are getting a big gift this year...your own room! We are all doing the happy dance and saying several thank you prayers, and trying to slow down our panting. I my heart is racing, I am so wired right now. It's 3 am and I am wide awake, go figure. Now the fun begins. Finish packing, turn on all utilities, find trash hauler, find school info, turn off everything at this old place, and take a deep breath.... Wait do I have time to breathe?? hehe, guess I should pencil that in too. OMG, someone pinch me... We finally own our own home!