Sunday, May 25, 2014

Craft Show Displays

Now that things are winding down for me I am trying to figure out where to go next.  I finally finished school and received my second associates degree in HIT, my first was business mngt.  I am waiting a month to take my RHIT certification test, so I have plenty of time to study.  While job hunting I am thinking about going into craft shows.  This has been a mental argument with myself for years.  I make beads and other jewelry supplies but I don't really want to do bead shows because they are expensive and usually pretty far from me.  I do crafts but I have never really set a focus on just a few types.  I think craft shows would be the way to take but trying to make my self focus on just a few craft types is making me bonkers. 
If you are having the same problems you might try figuring out what is trending in your area, not just in fashion.  Hair items are popular on the internet, but are people in your area wearing them?  One problem I face is that my area is a low to middle income area and people just don't want to spend that much on luxury items.  This means that instead of the 50$ sterling silver or copper jewelry I might sell on Etsy, I may have to make only a few of these and make nickle of steel jewelry to meet a lower price point.  One idea are scrabble tile pendants, they are literally choking Etsy, but at a local craft show they would appeal to teens, kids, and adults because they can be kept cheap but look nice.  They can carry fancy designs or anime/ cartoon characters, just as an example.

One you have decided to do craft shows check Pinterest for cool ideas on Craft Show Display ideas.  Below are a few of my favorites: