Sunday, April 1, 2012

Here is the last of my pictures from last weeks sketching. As most artists know it takes practice to stay sharp and productive. I have found that the more I draw and paint, the more I am enjoying the process of creation each piece. I used to feel like I had to spit something out, but now I am finding it more of a relaxation process. Here are the pieces:
Old woman with spinning wheel, ref. photo, pencil.
Cardinal, ref. photo, colored pencils over watercolors.  This technique I read about on Wetcanvas, it really makes drawings pop!

Flower, ref. photo, pen/ink.

 Brushes, ref. photo, pen/ink.
 Bee/flower, ref. photo, pen/ink.
 Tree frog, pen/ink.
 Bird, pen/ink.
 Old town, from ref. photo, pen/ink.
I am really enjoying the ink drawings.  I used a couple of different pens and have found my new favorites as Uni-ball Vision needle and a Rapidiograph with india ink.  Check back next weekend for more from my sketchbook.